Essent Group Ltd. (NYSE: ESNT) is a Bermuda-domiciled holding company. Through its subsidiaries, Essent Group serves the housing finance industry by offering private mortgage insurance, reinsurance, risk management products and title insurance and settlement services to mortgage lenders, borrowers, and investors to support homeownership.

Essent provides private capital to bear mortgage credit risk, enabling lenders and mortgage investors to make mortgage financing available for homeowners.

Essent’s strength is derived from its strong capital position, consistent best-in-class customer service, and collaborative approach to building long-term business relationships.

Essent Group’s major subsidiaries include Essent Guaranty, Inc., Essent Reinsurance Ltd. and Essent Title Holdings.

Essent Guaranty, Inc.

Founded in 2008, Essent is a private mortgage insurer, approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and licensed nationwide.

Headquartered in Radnor, PA, Essent offers private mortgage insurance, also known as mortgage guaranty insurance, MI or private MI, for single-family mortgage loans in the United States, providing private capital to mitigate mortgage credit risk for lenders and investors. This, in turn, allows lenders to make additional mortgage financing available to prospective homeowners.

Focused on managing risk and dedicated to serving as a strong and fair counterparty, Essent is a partner you can trust and rely on — now and for years to come.

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Essent Reinsurance Ltd.

Headquartered in Pembroke, Bermuda, Essent Reinsurance Ltd. is a reinsurer of credit risk and holds a Class 3B insurance license issued from the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

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Essent Title Holdings

Agents National Title, a title insurance underwriter, is headquartered in Missouri and issues title insurance products through a network of title insurance agents. Boston National Title, headquartered in North Carolina, is an independent title agency that provides title and settlement services.

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